Every business starts with an “aha” moment. For Tumblerbottle founders Curmy and May, it was seeing how many products in the market are made of unhealthy ingredients that pose serious health risks for customers.

They were concerned for the health of their own family since they had seen how health problems can disturb the peace of the household.

Curmy’s mother was paralyzed when Curmy was young and she had to become the breadwinner of the household. May’s dad passed away when she was just 19. She used to travel all the way from Penang to Singapore to make ends meet.

Amidst such turmoil, they learned how important health is to lead a fulfilling life. Curmy and May knew that fighting this problem was an inner calling they had to answer. Today they are bringing life to their dreams with Tumblerbottle – producing eco friendly, organic, and healthy products.

So if you use a product that can potentially damage your health, Tumblerbottle comes to your rescue! We promise we’ll eradicate all unruly elements from the market one product at a time. Join us in our mission if you’re a health-conscious consumer!